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Sam (10) from Malawi

Date: June 12, 2013 Author: lesmonster Categories: MeesterJuf


My name is Sam and I’m in standard 6 of Chigodi primary school in Lilongwe. My favorite subject in school is English. I also like arts and crafts, especially traditional dance. My favorite teachers are Mr. Eneya and Mr. Chunda. My least favorite subject is social skills. Why? The conditions in my life are not good. Children in Malawi live in anxiety and have a lot of stress. The life skill lessons don’t really help.

When I grow up, I want to become the president of Malawi. My hero is the current president, Mrs. Joyce Banda. And the members of parliament. If I don’t become president, I would like to become a teacher. My father and mother are both teachers. I have one brother and two sisters, who go to secondary school. We live just outside the school. After class I like to stay on the school grounds and play volleyball or soccer. We make our own footballs, out of plastic bags. Let me show you my house!

Sam thuis

Sam volleyball

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